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My name is Nicole...a Midwestern transplant, happily living among the mountains, lakes and crazy amounts of green in the Northwest.  Living a life full with work, play, family and friends…and not enough time for any of them.  I spend my professional life working in technology marketing, and my personal time is spent with my family - husband, infant daughter, teen step-daughter and two crazy dogs that are both named Bella (long story!).  

I originally started this blog as 'A Prima Vista', which in Italian means 'At First Sight', and it was inspired by the overwhelming number of bookmarks I had (still have!) in my browser - of things I loved, wanted to remember and even try.  Over the course of several years and many changes in my life - among them, getting married and having a baby - what I wanted to blog about changed.  I still love to explore food & wine, shopping, diy and design, but my interests have expanded to include so much more.  You will find a lot on family, babies and parenting, as I traverse this new world called working motherhood.  I don't pretend to know it all, or even know a little - I just like sharing what I discover and learn along my journey.  Photography is also a big part of this blog because it is a new passion and something I spend quite a bit of time doing now - especially when it comes to my daughter.  Speaking of my daughter, the name of this blog was inspired by her nickname, Sloaney Baloney.  It just felt "right" to rename the blog!  So much of what I blog about is inspired by my little Sloane and there is a whole lot of baloney mixed in too.  

I would really like to hear from you too -- especially since I am just fumbling along this balancing act of being a working mom.  I need all the help and advice I can get!  I would like to believe I can really have it all and do it all, but to be honest - I am ok if I can't too.  I just want to be really good at the big, important stuff - like being a good wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend - the rest is gravy!  

Hope you enjoy my ramblings! 

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