Sunday, July 7, 2013

40 before 40!

Another birthday, this time it was my last birthday in my 30's, which is just crazy! I feel like I am finally hitting my stride and now I am going to be 40 next year?  How did this happen?  How did it all sneak up on me so fast?  I feel like I snapped my fingers and I went from 27 to 39 overnight - wow!

Now that I am starring down 40 in less than a year, it has really motivated to make a list of some things I want to do before I actually turn 40.  So here goes my version of 40 before 40:

  1. Running -- I want to do more of it and be more comfortable doing it. I want to run one 5K (or longer) per month for a total of 12-5K's by August 2013. 
  2. DIY projects - finish the abandoned projects in the land of DIY (our garage!)
  3. Blog - Update my blog at least 3x per week! 
  4. Project 365 - with my camera or my phone and publish them!
  5. Photography - keep working on it, invest the time and even some more money
  6. New Workouts -- try a new fitness activity every other month
  7. Budget - build our budget for 2013-2014 and stick to it
  8. Buy our house
  9. Weight - get back to my pre-baby comfort zone
  10. Family Exercise - at least once per month go on a hike, bike, etc.
  11. Read 40 books - yep 40, make the time. 
  12. Cooking Class - I have ALWAYS wanted to go and now is the time
  13. Book Club - join one and actually read the books and go to the meetings! 
  14. Write a letter/card/email each week - and let the person know thank you, or good luck or congrats or encourage them.  
  15. Sloane's Baptism - get it done. 
  16. Church - go to church next year, no numbers, just go. 
  17. Roadtrip - family trip to the Ocean or Oregon Coast. 
  18. Volunteer - volunteer my time to at least once in the next year
  19. Medical - go to all my doctors and get check ups to kick off my 40's right! 
  20. Europe - plan a trip to Europe with Joe, he has never been overseas and I want to take him 
  21. Eat somewhere featured on the Food Network - Triple D, Best Thing I Ever Ate, etc. 
  22. Re-learn how to sew -- I forgot how to thread the machine, which is ridiculous 
  23. Wine Tasting Trip - with my girlfriends to either Napa/Sonoma, Eastern WA or Oregon 
  24. Create a joint Will - morbid but necessary
  25. Garden - I miss my garden, plant some herbs and flowers at the new house! 
  26. Camping - go camping in the next year
  27. Write letters to my parents & sisters 
  28. Sloane Monthly Update - Finish her monthly pictures and updates on the blog
  29. Sponsor a Family - buy gifts for a needy family during the holidays
  30. Pay it Forward - pay for someone else's food or coffee, just because and leave a nice little note to go with it. 
  31. Sloane's Baby Book - Catch up and add photos 
  32. Dinner Club - start a dinner club with friends, rotate houses and themes! 
  33. Sloane's First Year PhotoBook 
  34. Sloane's First Birthday Party - get creative and throw her a fun little party
  35. Clean & Organize our storage - garage, closets, etc. 
  36. Family Tradition - start a new family tradition, monthly movie night or monthly game night? 
  37. Paint & Draw again - just do it, don't think about it.
  38. Decorate our home - we are off to a good start, but finish it
  39. Kick Ass 40th Birthday Party! 
  40. Make another list for next year.  :-) 
Hoping I haven't put too much into this list, who knows what the next year will bring, that is the crazy part!  But at least this gives me something to keep me motivated and focused on some goals I want to achieve for myself - and that makes me happy. 

Wish me luck!

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