Tuesday, April 30, 2013

oh baby - all about baby registries!

I have had so many friends in the baby zone.  Trying to get pregnant, pregnant, just had a baby, or in the toddler stage.  I have been talking a LOT about babies lately.  Everything from registering to what was most useful those first few months.  I was inspired to do a post about my Baby Registry this week, and then next week I will do a post about my favorite Baby Gear for those first 3 months!

BabyList Registry
I wanted to do one Baby Registry in one place, and I wanted to register items from many different stores, that left me with one good option, that I could find), BabyList.  (please note the funky domain - http://babyli.st/)  I loved doing my registry this way, especially since I never had to walk into a Babies R'Us, which is pretty much my nightmare.  Plus I could do most of my researching and shopping online.  Score!  I installed the plug-in into my browser bookmark bar and started shopping.  Any page, anywhere I found something I wanted to register for - I could just hit the BabyList button in my browser and it would 'pin it' to my BabyList Registry.  I used the term 'pin it', because it was just like using the Pin It browser button for Pinterest.  I shopped on Etsy, Amazon, Babies R'Us, Target, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Land of Nod, Pottery Barn Baby, etc.  I had items from just about everywhere on my registry and it worked out perfectly!  Here is a link to my registry, BabyList Registry - Baby Girl Whitesel, outdated but you can still check it out.

Now what did I register for?  Well, that is a really good question.  Above is an image of the spreadsheet I used, here is a link to review or download it for your own use.  A girlfriend sent it to me when I got pregnant and told me I could use it to start making my list.  I added a lot to it for my use, plus have updated it with a post-baby update as well - noting whether I bought it, used it, etc.  You will notice it has categories, descriptions, URLs (where applicable), price, whether it was added to my registry and a comment field.  I found it super useful to gather everything in one spot, even those things I wasn't planning to register for that I still needed to buy.

Hope you find this as helpful as I did...and good luck!  If you have any great tips or advice - feel free to add them in comments.

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