Thursday, April 4, 2013

inspiration - the #mightylove project

I am super, super inspired by the Mighty Love project that Natalie from Nat the Fat Rat launched this week.  I love the promise, goal and benefit of this project, it is definitely a feel good thing that we can all easily participate in and make a difference!  

Here is a bit about the project from Natalie:

i came across the quote above on maggie mason's blog a few weeks ago, and it struck me in a way that was almost piercing. blogs, instagram, twitter, they're just the carrier pigeons. you and me, we are the message. and i thought it would be fun, and really great, and really rad if we could all take a minute here to do something good on the internet. something unquestionably good.

i'm partnering up with the go mighty girls to do a bit of an internet charity fundraiser. for a week and a half, i want to positively flood the internet with love. just, i want the whole wide web to be swimming in it. just for a short while. do you think you could help me?  

here's how it works: between now and april 12th (that's next friday, and hey, my little sister's birthday!), we'll spam the internet with compliments to all the women in our lives we are grateful for. on instagram, on twitter, on our blogs, however we feel most comfortable. we've installed a hashtag tracker, and each hashtagged post or tweet or "grampliment" (clever, i know!) will count toward our goal. the tag is #mightylove. if we can get 500 hashtagged compliments by next friday, go mighty will make a $500 donation to a battered women's shelter here in nyc.

you can post as many compliments over the week as you'd like, there's absolutely no limit! 

just use the hash tag #mightylove (all big font style like it's 2005 up in here.)

and tag me too so i can follow along: @natthefatrat, across all social media platforms. i'd love to post a few to the blog early next week!

So what do you think?  Are you as inspired as I am?  I just posted the #MightyLove picture above with the story of my Amys to my Instagram account.  C'mon join the love fest, you know you want to and everyone is doing it!  

Who is your #mightylove? 

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  1. I LOVE this Nicole :-) I am going to join in on the fun! xo to you and your sweet family!


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